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很不錯的 SMS 免費軟體, 共有以下功能:
  • Note to Self: Need to capture a thought or send yourself a reminder? With PowerSMS, there's no fumbling around to type your own phone number or search for a contact.
  • Group SMS: Texting the same set of people over and over again? PowerSMS lets you create groups of contacts, and drastically reduces the number of clicks required to text them (see screenshot).
  • Auto Reply: Ever ignore a phone call while you're in a meeting or movie theater? Let PowerSMS respond to those calls automatically with a text message, thus politely letting them know when you'll call back (see screenshot).
  • Schedule SMS: Schedule greetings or reminders in advance. PowerSMS will automatically send the message even if you forget. Especially appreciated by loved ones (see screenshot).
  • Cool Stats: Let PowerSMS analyze your messages and tell you interesting things like when and with whom you text the most over a given period. Just for fun or to verify your bill (see screenshot).
  • Backup & Restore: Switching phones? Just need to get rid of old messages? PowerSMS will help you archive, transfer or export messages to your computer or to another phone (see screenshot).
官方網站連結: http://www.trinketsoftware.com/PowerSMS/default.aspx
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